Mol an Óige


Mol an Óige was a YOUTHSTART funded project based in County Tipperary, to develop and test innovative approaches to the issues relating to educational disadvantage. The project was promoted by a consortium of the following agencies:

  • North Tipperary VEC (lead partner)
  • Mid Western Health Board
  • Irish Business and Employers Conference
  • FÁS
  • South Tipperary VEC
  • Irish Congress of Trades Unions
  • Tipperary Rural and Business Development Institute
  • Mary Immaculate College


  • Dan Condren,
  • Rose Tully,
  • Mary Slattery,
  • Philip Mudge,
  • Norberta O'Gorman

We are grateful to the authors for their permission to reproduce this material.

The following is a list of the documents which can be downloaded:

  Collaborative Action Planning -a guide to transforming schools and training workshops into centres of learning for all (2000) DOC
  The Mol An Óige Project - a systemic response to the challenges of educational disadvantage and social exclusion in Co Tipperary (2000) DOC
  Community Mentoring: a strategy to raise the self-esteem of young people at risk of failure in the education system (2000) DOC
  Towards Inclusion in Learning Support Provision: developments in the concept and practice of learning support in the Mol an Óige project (2000) DOC
  The Primary Educators: the experiences and views of parents whose children are facing difficulties in school (2000) DOC
  An Investigation of the Experiences of Young People in North Tipperary who Left School Early, and of the Factors which Led to their Leaving (1999) DOC
  Student, Home and School: a partnership approach to assisting students with social, emotional and personal problems (1999) DOC
  The Mol an Óige Project - the View from the Schools: an evaluation of the project (2000) DOC
  The Mol an Óige Project - the View from Training Workshops (2000) DOC
  Addressing the Issue of School Attendance in Co Tipperary: the experience of the Mol an Óige project (2000) DOC
  Cherishing all our Children Equally: report on the proceedings of the dissemination conference, October 1999 DOC
  The YOGIE Partnership: Emerging Innovative Transnational Approaches to Addressing the Needs of Potential and Actual Early School Leavers (2000) DOC
  The Development of Inter-Agency Collaboration in Co. Tipperary that Includes Schools and Training Centres (2000) DOC