SDPI Regional Seminar Materials 2006/07

The SDPI Regional Seminar Programme (October-December 06) featured workshops on the following topics:

  1. Planning the Planning and Organising the Plan: Useful Tools 
  2. Planning Approaches to Raising Academic Standards for All 
  3. Transition from Primary to Post-Primary: Planning Implications and Strategies 
  4. In-School Management Review: Planning for School Improvement


The following is a list of workshop materials that are available for download:

  Title Download
A. Planning and Plan PowerPoint
A. School Planning Planner Excel
A. School Plan Framework (with prompts) Word
A. School Plan Summary Statement Word
B. Raising Academic Standards for All PowerPoint
C. Transition from Primary to Post-Primary PowerPoint
C. Supports for Students-Transition Worksheet T1 Word
C. Action Plan Framework-Transition Worksheet T2 Word
D. In-School Management Review PowerPoint

It should be noted that some of these materials may not be fully self-explanatory to those who were not in attendance at the workshops.

For further information on any of these topics, please contact the SDPI Office or your Regional Coordinator.