SDPI Regional Seminar Materials 2008/09

The SDPI Regional Seminar Programme (November-December 08) featured workshops on the following topics:

  1. Code of Behaviour Audit and Review (in the context of the NEWB Guidelines)
  2. DEIS Planning: Preparing the school’s DEIS plan
  3. School Self-Evaluation:
    An approach for Subject Departments, focusing on teaching and learning issues


The following is a list of workshop materials that are available for download:

  Title Download
A. Code of Behaviour Audit and Review PowerPoint
A. Code of Behaviour: NEWB Audit Checklist Word
B. DEIS Planning: Making a Difference PowerPoint
B. SDPI Resource Materials for DEIS Planning Word
C. School Self-Evaluation: Focus on Teaching and Learning PowerPoint
C. SSE Questioning in Class: Grid and Indicators Word
C. SSE Questioning in Class: Bloom’s Taxonomy Word

It should be noted that some of these materials may not be fully self-explanatory to those who were not in attendance at the workshops.

For further information on any of these topics, please contact the SDPI Office or your Regional Coordinator.