SDPI Resources

The SDPI resource area contains a collection of publications and resource materials to aid in the planning process.


SDPI Publications

This section hosts Publications and Newsletters prepared by the School Development Planning Initiative.
"School Development Planning - Guidelines and Resources for Post-Primary Schools – Draft" presents a bank of guideline materials from which schools may draw in accordance with their needs. The ten units are designed to complement the booklet, "School Development Planning: An Introduction for Second Level Schools".



The "Themes” section focuses on three specific areas:

  1. DEIS Planning in Second-Level Schools – DEIS is the National Action Plan to address educational disadvantage. It places emphasis on target-setting and action-planning in the areas of attendance and retention, literacy and numeracy, educational attainment and progression, and partnership with parents and others. This section includes tailored resource materials prepared by SDPI to support the process of DEIS planning, together with publications from JCSP, HSCL, and SCP.
  2. Subject Department Planning – Collaborative subject planning is an important aspect of School Development Planning. This section presents some of the resource materials prepared and compiled by SDPI to support subject planning.
  3. Guidance Planning – Under the Education Act (1998), each school is required to develop a comprehensive whole-school guidance plan. This section includes materials which were prepared by SDPI at the request of the National Centre for Guidance in Education, complemented by guidelines from the Inspectorate and the NCGE.


Summer Schools

The SDPI hosts two "Summer Schools" each year. NUI, Galway is the venue for the June Summer School while the August Summer School is generally held in DCU. There is a wealth of material on all aspects of School Development Planning in the guest presentations which are published in this section.


Regional Seminars

This section features materials from the SDPI Regional Seminar Programme, held each year since 2003, which offered workshops on a wide range of critical topics in the School Development Planning process.


External Resources

Publications and resources prepared by the Department of Education and Science and a wide range of statutory bodies are to be found in this section. The contents include material from the NCCA, NCSE, NEWB, ESRI, IILT, the Equality Authority and the OECD.


Resources Index

The Resources Index shows a full listing of all documents in one complete file and may prove useful in finding a specific document.