Subject Department Planning

SDPI has developed a range of resource materials to support subject department planning. The following are available to download:

Subject Department Planning
(Introduction based on Unit 9 of the SDP Guidelines—see below)
Meeting Record Template
School Development Planning:
Guidelines and Resources for Post-Primary Schools – Draft
Unit 9: Curriculum Planning


Worksheets and Templates in Unit 9
Activity 1: Reflection on the establishment of a Subject Department
Worksheet 1A: To Consider the Introduction of a Subject Department
Worksheet 1B: To Consider how the Subject Department will Operate
Activity 2: The Review of the Subject
Worksheet 2A: Diagnostic Window
Worksheet 2B: SCOT Analysis
Worksheet 3: The Holistic Dimension
Worksheet 4: Subject Department Policy Checklist
Activity 3: Planning for the Subject
Template 1: Aims and Objectives
Worksheet 5: Individual Teacher Reflection on Methodologies
Worksheet 6: Key Learning Skills
Worksheet 7: Effective Teaching Strategies
Template 2: Subject Methodologies
Template 3: Subject Resource Needs
Template 4: Subject Planning – Policies and Procedures
Template 5: Curriculum Content 1. Long-term Planning
Template 6: Curriculum Content 2. Year Plan
Template 7: Curriculum Action Plan Template
Sample: Curriculum Action Plan for a Subject
Template 8: Subject Department Staff Development
Subject Department Planning – Moving On
(Progressing Key Aspects)
Subject Profile Template
Prompt Questions for Subject Profile Template
Assessment for Learning—Planning Strategies
AFL Worksheet 1: Individual Practice—Prompt Questions
AFL Worksheet 2: Group Practice—Prompt Questions
AFL Worksheet 3: Planning Checklist
AFL Action Plan Template
AFL Workshop
School Self-Evaluation: An Approach for Subject Departments
(Focusing on Teaching and Learning Issues)
SSE Questioning in Class: Grid and Indicators
SSE Questioning in Class: Bloom’s Taxonomy

It should be noted that some of the materials above were prepared for workshops at which they were mediated by the SDPI Regional Coordinators and so may not be fully self-explanatory to those who were not in attendance. For advice on ways of using these materials, please contact your Regional Coordinator.



Further works of relevance to Subject Department Planning include:

Title Author
A Guide to Subject Inspection at Second Level
(pages 19-22 in particular)
DES Inspectorate
Key Skills Framework NCCA
History Subject Planning Guidelines History In-Service Team
Junior Cert. English 3-Year Template Cathy Keane &
Kate O’Carroll
(ATE Summer School 2003)
Junior Cert. Science:
Suggested Sequence of Learning Outcomes
Junior Science Support Service
Junior Science Curriculum Planning Worksheet Junior Science Support Service


For recommendations concerning good practice in various subjects and curriculum areas, see also the Looking at... series of composite reports published by the Inspectorate.